Rooftop Monitoring


Access your plant anywhere

Introducing Trinity Touch’s SolarVision™ Cloud PV SCADA. It is essential to have a low cost reliable SCADA to ensure that maximum yield of a Solar PV plant. Once the sunlight is gone, there is no way to get it back, losing precious yield. SolarVision™ Cloud PV SCADA ensures that any problems in the field are notified to the plant operator as quickly as possible to utilise every ray of the sun. With many field instruments, the SolarVision™ Cloud SCADA guarantees seamless integration and communication with all field devices. SolarVision™ Cloud SCADA ensures remote monitoring from the internet cloud, especially designed for small ground mounted or rooftop Solar PV plants.

Maximum transparency & efficient operation thanks to innovate SolarVision™ Cloud plant visualization

SolarVision™ Cloud is an efficient and cost effective tool which continuously controls and monitors the solar plants, resulting in lower downtime increasing the Plant’s overall profitability. The data recorded from Analog sensor, Digital sensor, Inverters, Weather stations via Data logger is sent over Internet to our secured server & can be viewed online from anywhere in the world. SolarVision™ Cloud allows analyses in full detail depth and simple configuration of all alarm criteria for safely operating a PV system. The alarms are automatically triggered via email. Plant data is available for long term analysis over the service life of the PV Plant. Graphical interface of SolarVision™ Cloud satisfy the requirement of Investors/ Operator/ Service Engineer .

Highlights at a glance

  • Cloud-based SCADA : you can access plant data, trends, and reports anywhere from internet.
  • Modular Architecture. Analysis of Plant, Block, Inverter.
  • Detailed monitoring & evaluation.
  • Compatible with all RS485 / TCP/IP MODBUS inverters, weather stations.
  • Graphical Performance Analysis.
  • Simple Alarm & Trend handling.
  • Simple Report Generation.
  • Easy Data BackUp.
  • SMS & E-mail alerts
  • System evaluation based on target/actual value comparison
  • Energy vs PR comparison.
  • Inverter status & alarms.
  • Plant status & alarms.

Plant at a glance


SolarVision™ Cloud Visualizes entire plant, Weather Monitoring, Inverter & other important instruments including the associated detail information:

  • The plant view shows the Weather Sensor’s data, Total Generation, Environment Information & Inverter & String Combiner Boxes Trends and Alarms for the Plant.
  • Plant can be divided into various “Subsystems” for detailed monitoring.
  • In the static screen important parameters are displayed e.g. Energy Generation, Historical energy generation data, Meteorological data.
  • The detail Information of devices can be displayed by selecting appropriate graph.

SolarVision™ Cloud provides the plant analysis for important Meteorological data vs Plant performance.

  • Energy Normalize
  • AC Current Normalize
  • DC Current Normalize
  • Projected v/s Actual Generation
  • PR v/s Generation
  • Temperature v/s Generation

SolarVision™ Cloud analysis for inverter

  • AC Power
  • AC Current
  • AC Voltage
  • DC Power
  • DC Current
  • DC Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Inverter  Temperature
  • Inverter Frequency
  • Inverter Status

Advanced optional features

  • 1.Access protected by log in
  • 2.Simulation (target/ actual value comparison)
  • 3.Park administration
  • 4.Email and SMS alerts
  • 5.Managing user groups
  • 6.Local Data Storage on PLC level in form of .csv up to 2 GB
  • 7.Multiple plant generation monitoring capability for operating high number of plants

SolarVision™ Cloud analysis for plant:

Below parameters for a solar plant can be analysed on sinfle screen:

  • 1.Total Generation
  • 2.PR
  • 3.Projected v/s Actual Generation


Data Station

Datalogger With Reverse Power Protection

(Hybrid Power Management)

Data loggers designed specially for SolarVision Cloud are soughtafter specialists for optimised remote monitoring of photovoltaics systems. These provides complete monitoring of your photovoltaic system: all required operating parameters from Inveters, Multifunction Meters, Weather Sensors, DG Control, Grid Monitoring and Status & error messages of the connected devices. The data-logger records data every minute across various connected devices and logged the reading onto a storage card.

Data logger

Controller Used RS485 Input Memory Card Relay for Grid Failure detection Digital Input Digital Output Analog Input RTD Input Reverse Power Protection GSM GPRS
Data Logger Type 1 Phoenix Contact ILC 151 1 2GB YES 4 4 _ _ _ _
Data Logger Type 2 Phoenix Contact ILC 151 GSM/GPRS 1 2GB YES 4 4 _ _ _ YES
Data Logger Type 3 Phoenix Contact ILC 151 1 2GB YES 4 4 _ _ YES _
Data Logger Type 4 Phoenix Contact ILC 151 GSM/GPRS 1 2GB YES 4 4 _ _ YES YES
Data Logger Type 5 Phoenix Contact ILC 151 1 2GB YES 4 4 2 2 _ _
Data Logger Type 6 Phoenix Contact ILC 151 GSM/GPRS 1 2GB YES 4 4 2 2 _ YES
Data Logger Type 8 Phoenix Contact ILC 151 GSM/GPRS 1 2GB YES 4 4 2 2 YES _
Data Logger Type 8 Phoenix Contact ILC 151 GSM/GPRS 1 2GB YES 4 4 2 2 YES YES

Technical Specifications

  • Ambient temperature (operation) : -25 °C ... 55 °C (storage/transport): -25 °C ... 85 °C
  • Supply voltage range: 230V AC
  • Max. current consumption: 870 mA (370 mA communications power + 500 mA analog voltage supply)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: Conformance with EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
  • Developed in acc. with standard: Noise immunity test in accordance with EN 61000-6-2
  • Supports HTML 5
  • Number of MODBUS Devices per Data logger : 17 (Either Weather Sensor or MultiFunction Meter or Inverter (No Limit on the kW peak of the inverters or plant))
Data Station

Datalogger For Monitoring

Datalogger for monitoring solar systems with records all relevant system data and also has Interfaces to communicate with Inverter, Measuring Devices and Weather Sensors. RTC, Real Time Clock synchronized through NTP protocol. RS485, USB, Ethernet, 3G (UMTS/HSPA+) communication. 4 analog inputs (current, resistance). 8GB microSD card included. FTP client able to send periodic data in csv file formatRemote configuration and updates through 3G(in 3G Model). Internal battery backup upto 2 hours. Galvanic isolation between power supply and communication interfaces.

Data logger

Data logger RS485 Input Programming via USB input Ethernet TCP/IP Input Ethernet TCP/IP Output Inbuilt 2G Inbuilt 3G On Board Memory SD Card type SD Card memory RTD Input Analog Input Internal Battery Nos of Inverters on TCP/IP Nos of Inverters on RS485
TRIlog100 2G YES YES NO NO YES NO 8 MB NO option to connect SD NO NO NO NO 0 10
TRIlog100 3G YES YES NO NO NO YES 8 MB NO option to connect SD NO NO NO NO 0 10
TRIlog200 YES YES YES YES NO NO 8 MB Micro SD Card 8 GB NO NO NO 10 20
TRIlog200 3G YES YES YES YES NO YES 8 MB Micro SD Card 8 GB NO NO NO 10 20
TRIlog+300 YES YES YES YES NO NO 8 MB Micro SD Card 8 GB 2 Nos 2 Nos YES 10 20
TRIlog+300 3G YES YES YES YES NO YES 8 MB Micro SD Card 8 GB 2 Nos 2 Nos YES 10 20

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply : 230V DC
  • Consumption : <10 VA
  • Internal battery : 3.7V 750 mAh
  • Operating temperature : -25°.. +60° C
  • Storage temperature : -40°.. +60° C
  • Humidity range : 5-95%, w/o condensation
  • Material : PC/ABS
  • Protection type : IP65
Weather Sensors

Irradiation Sensor

  • Integrated Sensor with MODBUS RS485 Output
  • Silicon Irradiance Sensor
  • Cell Temperature Sensor
  • Wind Speed Sensor
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor
Article No. Description
12413029 Si-RS485TC-2T-v-MB I+M+External A & Wind
12413031 Vwind-Si connect to Si-RS485TC-2T-v-MB
12413034 Tamb-Si connect to Si-RS485TC-2T-v-MB

Irradiation Sensor RT1

  • Designed for rooftop PV installations
  • Fits to a corner of any solar panel
  • Irradiance and back-panel (module) temperature measurement
  • Recalibration not needed for 5 years
Article No. Description
12412046 Rt1 Roof top Irradiance with Module Temp

Compact Weather Station
WS-502 (With Horizontal Silicon Irradiance Sensor), WS-504 (With Tiltable Silicon Irradiance Sensor)

  • Silicon Irradiance Sensor
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Air Pressure
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed
  • Module Temperature
Article No. Description
13500003 WS-502 UMB 8375.U10)
13500037 WS-504 UMB 8375.U12