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Cable Glands


Cable Glands is a device to permit the firm and secure termination of cable to provide sealing, retention and earthing, bonding, grounding, insulation, strain relief or combination of all these. They are used throughout a number of industries in conjunction with cable and wiring used in electrical instrumentation and automation systems.




Trinity Touch provides a comprehensive range of products for energy distribution requirements within industrial Applications. We have a vast range of standard solutions which have been developed keeping in mind the diverse requirements of the industry and the regular feedback we have received from our customers. The standard solutions include a wide variety of Junction Boxes with Terminals block, Push Button Stations, Surge Protection, Power Distribution Assemblies, 3-Phase Motor Starters and Power Interlock Distribution Assemblies. We can also offer a wide range of tailor made solutions to meet the key needs of our customers.


DIN Rails & Accessories


This series of DIN Rail is for industrial application according to the standard EN 60715 with third generation of Cr3 +Passivation (TDR3-Series) for improved corrosion resistance and SST stability of 350Hrs. DIN Rails are designed in accordance with the European Standard EN 60715 using state of the art production processes to ensure high dimensional accuracy, restricted tolerances and outstanding surface tempering. The DIN Rails are available in standard lengths of 1M and 2M or to required lengths* with or without perforation. We also offer universal DIN Rail cutter.In accordance with IEC 60 947-7-2, DIN Rail made of steel may be used as equipotential busbar (PE function), but without PEN function. Our entire range of DIN Rails are RoHS & CE Compliant.


Wiring Ducts & Accessories


Trinity Touch Wiring Ducts is the product, available in wide range to accommodate wires and cables for the smallest wall mounted panel to larger integrated systems.


Halogen Free Wiring Ducts


When PVC or other traditional plastics ignite in a fire, they emit corrosive & toxic gases like Chlorine. Moreover, these are soluble in moisture, forming Hydrochloric acid, which destroy electronics, semiconductors and intrinsic electrical circuits.While smoke travels containing toxic element, it can be fatally hazardous to humans if they cannot escape from that area. Toxic fumes are not only a serious health risk but also cause serious damage and problems to crucial machineries and intrinsic devices.Halogen Free wires and cables are already compulsory in many areas as they are safer. In the same way, Halogen free wiring duct is most important within enclosed spaces where the exits are limited such as Public Transport, Hospitals, Malls etc. What is the use of Halogen free cables if the wiring ducts contain dangerous material?For example: Hospitals, Airport Terminals, Concert Halls, Sports Stadiums, Railway Stations, Ships, Offshore Oil and Gas platforms,Multistory Buildings and Nuclear Power.


Solderless Terminals


Solderless Terminals are required for reliable connections and providing proper insulation in application where connections are in closed proximity.